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The year is 2010. There is no TikTok or Snapchat, and avid book readers who want to talk about their favourite stories turn to Blogger and Wordpress. Authors scramble to create their websites on these sites, too.

This nostalgia hit is certainly not what I had planned to do today, but I found myself accidentally looking through my old blogs (almost all now made private) on Blogger, and my goodness ... what a blast from the past it's been: thirteen years of my beginnings as an author publishing poetry, my first steps into romance and the paranormal...

The look of everything was so different then. Everyone strives for a professional feel nowadays, but back then, as well as doing our best to look professional, we were all striving for fun - just FUN. You can see this in our book promo images and book covers. They were bold and tacky, and a little outrageous, too ... but FUN. And I do miss that kind of experimental fun, I have to say. Nowadays, everything has to look so neat and slick; back then, nothing did, because Kindle was young - even Smashwords was barely an adolescent - and everyone was the new kid on the block when it came to publishing independently.

Here are three old banners I used to promote The Witching Pen Series (the whole series has brand new covers now):

Can you see the FUN?

There's no banner for The Last Dragon because I had not written it yet at this point.

In fact, at the point I closed this blog down, I was just finishing up writing Cry of the Wolf, I think (or had just finished it). Well, we are so beyond that now!

If you're an old reader who forgot I existed, and you got a ping there's a new blog post right here, the Eye of the Storm series reached a huge conclusion in 2017. Two companion novels were written after it, and three novelettes (the fourth is in production), and did you know Saving Eve came after The Witching Pen Series? Oh, yeah - I changed "novellas" to "series". Since The Demon Bride and The Last Dragon were so long in size, this just made sense.

So much has changed guys! And I must be getting old because I'm doing that thing I swore I would never do where I reminisce about the past and swim in the illusion it was somehow better than the present. This is so not true - I know that - but I still find myself in that sea of nostalgia. Cripes.

Okay ... let's get a little serious ... I am going to revive this blog, only it's more of a demure writing journal now where I post thoughts and happenings, and probably not more than once a month since I am something of a lousy blogger with a lot of other things to do, but I can't quite let this nostalgia hit go, so here I am and this blog is back. It will tie in with my newsletter and podcast on Substack (not sure if I'll carry the podcast on at this stage), and it will link with my website.

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Until next time, folks! I've been meaning to write a post about my trip to Cambridge a couple of months ago, I think I might do that here.

Have a great weekend.

Dianna xx


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