Important updates!

Hello, everyone :)

I've added three new features to my website, all designed to make life a little easier for you and me :)

1. New Feauture: e-Galley
Book bloggers and reviewers can now automatically pre-order ARCs of my upcoming releases. Currently, it'll be Cry Of The Wolf as that is the next publication.

2. New Feature: Reader's Forum
Not everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, so this forum is designed to be another stop for those that want to discuss my books with each other and be privy to any fun facts, deleted scenes, etc. If you are already following me on Facebook and see my updates constantly, there is no need for you to join - you will not miss out and everything will still get linked to FB as much as it can be - but I've been searching for another outlet for discussions, and it hasn't completely worked on Goodreads. It makes more sense to bring readers back to my own forum on my own site. I'm expecting this to be a very quiet place while I build up my readership ;)

3. New Feature: Monthly eNewsletter
I will be winding down this blog. It will remain online, but not so active. Instead, I'll be sending out a monthly eNewsletter (at the end of every month) rounding up everything that has happened. That monthly newsletter will be embedded or linked into a blog post on this site once a month, so people subscribed to this blog don't miss out. Regular, daily and weekly updates will still be posted on Facebook and Twitter, and on my own website (in the Random Thoughts page) for anyone who wants that up-to-the-minute feel. And for those of you who don't do the online thing, you can sign up to the new monthly eNews here.

Other updates:

The Witching Pen paperbacks (the individual volumes) have now been taken off Barnes & Noble and The Book Depository, and I will be expecting them to come off Amazon very soon too. The NEW 2nd trade editions that replace them will be up on Amazon within a few days, and exclusive to Amazon stores. For those of you that don't know, this change was brought on my a commercial alteration to the title font that I was using. Second editions were always going to be published towards the end of 2013, but this incident brought the date forward. NOTE: There is no change to the Omnibus edition, which is still available from all the usual outlets, and there won't be a second edition of it until the release of The Last Dragon.

That is it for now. Expect the first issue of my eNewsletter to go out just before Christmas in a few days :)

Dianna x


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